A few weeks ago we introduced the students to a new app on our classroom ipads.  Seesaw is an app that allows students to share their playing and learning with their families.  Each student has the opportunity to create a digital portfolio that only his/her family can see.  We have offered this to the students as a way to document their work.  As educators, we have the blog to share information and learning that takes place in our program so, we wanted the students to have the same opportunity to share what is important to them.  Many students are already excited to use the app but many are not yet interested in using technology for documenting.  This is not a requirement of students and/or families, it is simply another tool to see your child’s work.  Later this week, we will send home an information sheet with your child’s own code to scan on a home device.  This will give you access to only your child’s portfolio.  We hope that this will spark some conversations at home and allow your child to revisit and reflect on his/her work.

Bus Safety Presentation

Today we practised our audience skills at our bus safety presentation.  It was an interactive presentation with Buster the Bus sharing important safety rules when taking a school bus.  Some students in our class take the school bus daily and we will all need to know these rules when going on school field trips.

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Week Ahead: Oct 24 – Oct 28

Monday Oct 24 (Day 3)

  • Online pizza orders due
  • Gym – Mrs. Raymond
  • Playdough Fairy – Carolyn
  • Volunteer – Jen

Tuesday Oct 25 (Day 4)

  • Gym – Mrs. Stinson
  • Bus Safety Presentation 2 – 2:30
  • Volunteer – Amy

Wednesday Oct 26 (Day 5)

  • Music/Dance/Drama – Mrs. Crocker
  • Popcorn
  • Volunteer – Karen

Thursday Oct 27 (Day 1)

  • Library – Mrs. Sinke
  • Pizza Day
  • Awards Assembly 2:40
  • Volunteer – Carolyn

Friday Oct 28 (Day 2)

  • Music/Dance/Drama – Mrs. Crocker
  • Volunteer – Maeve

A Tree Grows Up


Thank you to Emily and her family for donating this interesting book to our classroom library.  It was the perfect time to share this book because it talks a lot about the changes we see in nature during the different seasons.  The students have been noticing many changes outdoors and are excited to explore and talk about their observations.  This book was a great connection to our growing interest.  Thanks!

Painting on Water!

After watching this artist’s interpretation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night painted on dark water, we were all eager to try something similar.

Today we put out cornstarch and water to make a thick pasty liquid and invited the children to drop in food colouring.  They then used toothpicks to swirl the colours.  The process is truly hypnotic as you watch the colours flow and blend.  Yesterday’s group was thoroughly engaged!  More will try today.

Here is a video of our process.  Password: elp2




Can I Play Too?


Thank you to Noah and his family for donating a set of Mo Williams’ books. Noah warned us that his books are very, very funny.  He was right!  This book had everyone laughing.  Ask your child about the characters, the problem, and how they solved it.  Even though this book was humorous, it sparked a discussion about perseverance and friendship.


A few interestingly shaped gourds were placed on the writing table.  They were put there for the students to explore. Graham thought we needed magnifying glasses to get a closer look and he brought a few over to the table.  There were discussions about colour and texture but mostly about shape.  What did the gourds look like?  We recorded our answers on sticky notes so we could share our ideas.

image image

Another take on Starry Night

Late last week we took a look at Van Gogh’s Starry Night and students had the opportunity to explore the artist’s swirled and textured lines using oil pastels.  In looking at the art, students observed that the swirly lines made the sky look like it was moving, and that it was moving like water.

Miss Dunsiger in ELP1 came across this video on the weekend and was kind enough to share.  It is truly mesmerizing, and the children asked me to post it so they could watch it at home with you.

Mrs. Carte Combs and I enjoyed hearing their commentary as they watched the images revealed in the water.  There was lots of food for thought, and we invited them to think and discuss with their families how this art may have been possible and if there might be any way we could try it in the classroom.

To follow up there were fresh paint pallets filled with shades of yellow and blue, and Van Gogh served as inspiration once again at our art table.