Rousseau’s Talent Show!!

Today was Rousseau’s Annual Year End Talent Show!  Our students were wonderful in the audience as they cheered and supported lots of performers in grades 1-6.  The highlight for lots of them though, was getting to see the teachers!!  Here it is; 18 teachers and their ‘bobbleheads’ for your enjoyment!


Year End Trip!

Hotter would have been better, but we won’t complain because we had a great day, with plenty of sunshine and very few raindrops!  Our students were wonderful, and our parents are amazing!!  What a picnic we had, and so great to have so many of you with us.  We played in the wading pool, then had our picnic.  Mrs. Carte Combs and I were touched and so grateful to receive a beautiful ELP2 Photo Book with pictures, quotes, writing and drawings from all our students… including our dear Payton, all the way from Australia!! Hi Payton!!  The books are beautiful and so meaningful… what a truly thoughtful and heartwarming gift we will treasure always.  Some of us walked down on the boardwalk, saw the geese, swans, ducks, chipmunks and birds, and then we all gathered for parachute games in the field.  We played on the climber and then it was time to go!  We thought it was a great day, and our students looked very happy.  Thank you for coming with us, for bringing food, for supervising extra students, and for sharing in our year end trip in all the ways you did:)


Final Week Ahead- June 26 – 29

Hard to believe we have only 4 days remaining.  We will try to keep routines somewhat status quo where possible just to keep a lid on the excitement, and also include our students in preparing our classroom for the next year.  They will love getting a bucket of sudsy water to help clean tables and chairs, and we will sort, organize and clean toys as well.

Of course we have our trip on Tuesday as well.  The forecast is looking a little more favourable than it did at one point, though perhaps not as warm as we might like for swimming.  We don’t have a backup plan, so we’ll dress for the weather and make fun from whatever comes our way:)  Stay tuned for an email that will inform you of the students in your care for the day.

Monday, June 26

Day 4

  • gym
  • reports come home! Please sign and return promptly.


Tuesday, June 27

Day 5

Trip Day!!  We’ll see you at LaSalle Park at 9:30 ish.  Dress for the weather!  We don’t have a backup plan!!


Wednesday, June 28

Day 1

  • talent show!  We will get to be in the audience for Rousseau’s 2017 Talent Show middle block.


Thursday, June 29

Day 2

  • last day of school!
  • Last monthly assembly and slide show
  • Students will meet their new class!

Please have a wonderful summer with your children.  It has been an honour and our distinct privilege to have your children with us this year and to get to know all of you.  Perhaps our paths will cross over the summer, but most certainly we will be out on the playground on the first day of school (Sept. 5) to help our former SK’s find their class lineup, and will look forward to receiving our new SK’s on Sept. 6 to help us get our new school year underway!!

Your Other Right!

Costco had a deal on a rolling file rack and I thought it might be a convenient organizational tool for the classroom so I scooped one up when the price went down!  I opened it up during play time, pretty sure I’d get some help:)  Several kids moved in and out wanting to tighten a screw and then moving on, but this crew saw it through to completion.

As we were working, tightening nuts and bolts the boys asked, “which way do we turn it?”  I responded “righty tighty, lefty loosey”… my mantra whenever I’m pretending to be handy:)  This prompted “which way is right?” and then lots of discussion about ‘right’ as the boys changed positions and ‘right’ seemed rather elusive!  They were landmarking ‘right’ as it related to the classroom (ie. right is toward the door, left is toward the bathroom) and were then confused when they’d get turned around facing a different direction, turn the screw and it would come undone instead of tightening!  It’s a tricky concept, and it took a bit of explaining, and encouraging them to landmark on their own self- “I am right handed so I can remember I write with my right hand” or “when I hold up by left hand in front of me and stick out my thumb it makes a capital letter L, so I can remember my left hand makes an L”.

Evan overheard and joined in.  Clearly this is a conversation he’s had before and together we demonstrated that when he and I faced each other our opposite limbs were lined up with each other.  He said “see? this is my right, but it’s Mrs. Raymond’s left. And this is my left and it’s Mrs. Raymond right.”  We then faced the same direction and showed again.

Graham made a connection to how the traffic travels… “cars drive on the right, but the ones on the other right are going the other way!”  I also reminded the boys about our Nature Walk last week and how I asked children to stand off to the right if a bike was coming.  On our way back from the hike Noah questioned me when “off to the right” was now on the other side of the path!!  Who knew it could be so tricky!?

Anyway, we chatted away while we worked and my rolling file rack is now assembled and a few more students know their left from their right, a happy byproduct indeed!

Marat tightened screws with a screw driver, and Graham and Finn took turns tightening the screw with a screw driver and holding the bolt still with a wrench.

Beauty Spa

The students have opened a new beauty spa in ELP2.

It all started with a few entrepreneurs making and selling natural jewelry from Mother Nature’s playground.  It quickly expanded into a beauty spa where you can get a manicure, pedicure, shoulder massage, facial, and get your hair done, but first you have to get money from the bank.  Literacy was easily woven into the play as students made signs for the spa, checked off names in the appointment book, and read magazines in the waiting area.

Math skills are easily spotted as students discuss the features of each coin, add up sums of money, and sort by denominations.

This is an appointment card for “Mrs.C ” to get a manicure at 11:00.  Woo hoo!




Lost and found

We will keep these items in our classroom until Friday afternoon then they will be placed in our school lost and found.  The school lost and found will be donated at the end of the school year.  Hopefully we can make some matches.



Week Ahead: June 19 – 23

No Important Bags!!  We’re done with that routine, which means our volunteers also have one less thing on their to-do list as they tie up loose ends before kids are out for summer!!  Thank you for your help with this all year.  We have really appreciated it!

Pizza and Popcorn are also done.

Pack light, consider just sending a lunch box and water bottle:)  On the really hot days it seems to be getting harder to get those backpacks properly packed anyway!

Return any outstanding books you may find, from home reading or library collection.


Monday, June 19 (Day 4)

  • Year End Trip forms are due today!  Please pay using School Cash Online, and visit this link to sign up for a picnic item if you wish.
  • Gym

Tuesday June 20 (day 5)

  • Music

Wednesday June 21 (day 1)

  • gym
  • We’ll visit the next door neighbour park this afternoon.

Thursday June 22 (day 2)

  • music

Friday June 23  (day 3)

  • Pancakes and PJ’s!!  Wear your PJ’s today.  We’ll make pancakes and you can also bring a blanket or stuffy to cuddle up with for our movie.

Nature’s playground


Today we went down a path many of us had never been down.  It was a great opportunity to explore a new nature playground.  Chase called it “Awesome” and I heard Graham call to his friends, “It’s so cool over on this side”. I think they liked it!

There were so many new things to find and explore!



Week Ahead: June 12 – 16

A few hot days headed our way.

Take time for sunscreen in the

morning before school, and be

sure to send hats and water!!


Monday, June 12 (Day 4)

  • Year End Trip forms come home today and are due next Monday, the 19th.  Please complete the second page, both sides and return promptly.  You can use school cash online to pay the $4.50.
  • Gym (outdoors, as the junior science fair is in the gym today)
  • Lunch Lady

Tuesday June 13 (day 5)

  • Music
  • Volunteer Tea! Join us if you can, I’m making brownies!! So many of you have come in to help in the classroom or on trips, made playdough or come in to bake, you’ve shovelled mulch, gone on walks with us or helped in other areas of the school such as fun fair or EQAO.  Let us say thank you!  Come and have a treat with us:)

Wednesday June 14 (day 1)

  • gym
  • Volunteer: Erin
  • Popcorn $2
  • We’ll go for a nature walk today, but we’ll go in the afternoon.  Leaving at 1:50, back for dismissal. Let us know if you’d like to join us.

Thursday June 15 (day 2)

  • Dr. Jean Clinton is coming to see our 2 ELP classes in action! Among many other things she was recently appointed as an education advisor to the Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Education.  She has an interest in seeing our use of outdoor learning spaces as well as our use of the MindUp curriculum, and we are proud to share!
  • Volunteer: Carolyn
  • Last Pizza Day!

Friday June 16  (day 3)

  • Buddy Day! We are going to Jump Rope for Heart with our Buddies today.  Some of you sent in funds you had collected and it’s not too late if you’d still like to.  We will get together with 3/4B, and get our jump on for Heart and Stroke!