Exploring Division as “Equal Sharing”

Brynn and Marat wanted to make 5 equal groups using 100 beads.  I asked how many beads they thought would go in each group to make 5 groups and they guessed 5.  Graham (nearby) suggested 10, but when I asked him to point to the 5 groups one by one and count by 10’s he saw he ended at 50 and quickly knew what to do to make up the difference.  He said 20 for each group.  Brynn and Marat started organizing the beads into 4 rows of 5 in each circle.  I asked how they knew they were putting 20 in each group and they both demonstrated how they could count by 5’s to ensure there were 20.  Great organizing!


Payton and Katie wanted to make 10 equal groups using 100 pompoms.  They put one pompom in each circle, then 2, then 3 etc.  They proceeded methodically until they ran out of pompoms and then counted to see that each group had 10!  Great patience and careful counting.

Raglan is also pictured above sharing 100 bread tags into 10 equal groups!

Kindness is Contagious

Thomas brought in some money of his own to donate to the food drive.  Thomas was so proud to help out!  Earlier in the week Payton donated some of her piggy bank money and inspired Thomas to do the same.  Her act of kindness was contagious!

“Seeing someone perform an act of kindness can warm your heart. That feeling has a name — it’s called moral elevation, and it’s that warm-and-fuzzy-on-the-inside sensation you get when you’re in the presence of true human goodness.”  This quote from the link below made me think of the daily acts of kindness (big and small) I see in our class and at Rousseau school.

 This article explains the science behind why acts of kindness are contagious.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/18/kindness-contagious-psych_n_7292862.html
Way to go, Thomas!