Year End Trip to LaSalle Park!

Wow!  What a wonderful day!  We could not have asked for a better trip; all our stars truly aligned to bring us such a great day.  We were thrilled to have so many parents with us, the children were excellent and had so much fun, the sun was hot but the water was refreshing and we had such a big picnic!  Thank you to all of you for your part in making today a happy and successful year end celebration.


Last 3 Days: June 27, 28, 29

Last 3 Days: June 27, 28, 29

Mon. June 27

  • year end trip to La Salle Park! Details were emailed!!
  • Report Cards! Not sure how to do this, but I’ll take them on our trip and perhaps hand them directly to parents at departure

Tues. June 28

Day 1

  • Talent Show!

Wed. June 29

Day 2

  • Gym
  • Last Day of School, SK’s will find out who their new teacher and classmates are!

Wed. July 6

Mrs. Raymond is performing at the Ancaster Farmer’s Market, 4-7!  Come on out, sing along and get some farm fresh pickin’s for dinner!!

Finding Dory

This morning a few friends recreated a very touching scene from Finding Dory.


They used the shells to create a pathway to Dory’s home. In the movie Dory thought the search for her parents was over.. until she saw the path of sea shells and  followed them. Finally she was reunited with her parent who had been waiting there for years hoping one day Dory would remember her way home.

imageDory following the shells…

imageSuch an emotional and happy ending to a great movie!

Our Remaining Days: June 20 – 29

IMG_3787IMG_1610IMG_1614IMG_1625IMG_1628IMG_6660 (1) IMG_3783IMG_3770IMG_3749

PIE: Well, if you missed Friday night you missed some good solid entertainment value when Miss Speziale and I received McCain’s chocolate pies in our faces, compliments of Gracie’s brother Evan and our very own Charlotte!  Thank you to the parents who bid on our art work… you were very generous and Rousseau thanks you for it!  One thing is certain, none of your friends will have anything quite like it on their walls… you are truly trend setters!

WORK HARD PLAY HARD: We are heading into the home stretch, and with temperatures heating up it’s a good thing we’re almost out for the summer… our room is going to be sticky!!  We have some fun things planned, and in and amongst the fun we will engage the children in preparing the classroom for a fresh start in the fall.  They will help with sorting and organizing, cleaning and packing away.

WINDING UP: If you have any outstanding library books, please return them this week.  Likewise for any of our Snuggle Up books.  We will not send home books this week, and we will stop the agendas as well.  Feel free to keep yours at home if it’s something you wish to hold onto, otherwise we will recycle them at school.  We’ll keep the ziplock bags in circulation to the end for notes and trips forms etc.  Also, please note our last pizza day was last week.

TAKE A BREAK: Volunteers, you can enjoy the remaining 8 days off!  We figure you may wish to take advantage of the time you have left between now and the end of school without the little munchkins overtaking your every move, and without home reading and agendas we wouldn’t know what to do with you anyway!  Enjoy:)

LA SALLE PARK PICNIC: Please use the link here to sign up if you wish to contribute to our picnic on the 27th!  Speaking from experience you will most easily be able to edit the document from a laptop or desktop rather than mobile device, but feel free to email your offering to me and I’ll add it in if you like.  The benefit of the  google doc is we can all see what everyone else has signed up for and what is still needed.


Mon. June 20: Jammie Day and “Finding Nemo”

Thurs. June 23:  Walk to Silver City to see “Finding Dory”

Mon. June 27:  End of Year trip to LaSalle Park!

Tues. June 28: Talent Show!

Wed. June 29: Last Day of School

Mon. June 20

Day 5

  • Finding Nemo in our Jammies!!
  • PJ’s and popsicles!!
  • please return your movie trip form as soon as you can, and pay using school cash online:)
  • We also need your LaSalle Park trip form if you have not yet returned it, thank you.

Tues. June 21

Day 1

  • Gym

Wed. June 22

Day 2

  • Gym
  • We will finish out our afternoon at the neighbouring park on the other side of the junior playground.

Thurs. June 23

Day 3

  • Music
  • We will walk over to Silver City, leaving Rousseau at 12:00, back by 3:25

Fri. June 24

Day 4

  • Gym


Mon. June 27

Day 5

  • year end trip to La Salle Park- we will leave Rousseau at 9:20, and be back by 3:00
  • Report Cards!

Tues. June 28

Day 1

  • Talent Show!

Wed. June 29

Day 2

  • Gym
  • Last Day of School

Art Auction Item 2

We have been working on another masterpiece for the fun fair!! Using only shaving cream, food colouring, and toothpicks we were able to create these beautiful marbled designs.

First you spray the shaving cream onto a pan and flatten it out.
Then you apply some drops of food colouring.
After that, you swirl the food colouring around using the toothpicks to create a unique design!
Finally, you lay a piece of paper on top and pat to transfer the pattern. Pull it back and you have an amazing marbled paper! We couldn’t believe that something so beautiful would be so simple. Try it at home, it really is a lot of fun! (Thanks Pintrest!)


We have put them together to create a collaborative art piece, come check it out tonight at the art auction!!


Art Auction Item 1


We are creating art you may like to hang in your house:)  Students enjoyed filling their tile with colour and then watching the colours drift and merge once we sprayed it with rubbing alcohol.  We mounted our tiles on a pine board and our work is ready to go to its forever home.  Stay tuned for more of the art we are preparing for Friday’s Fun Fair Art Auction!

image imageimage


password: elp2


It’s Almost Moving Day!!

Mrs. Raymond and I are just about ready to move into the great big house that is being made for us! This morning the kids made huge progress with the walls and cement. They even added in water pipes so we wouldn’t go thirsty.

After cementing part of the wall Liam stood back, admired his work and shouted out “Yup! It’s a beauty!!”

They are doing such a great job at communicating their ideas with one another, sharing materials, and respecting each other’s visions!


The Building Continues…

It is is so very exciting to see a little idea turn into a project so big!!

Our house is coming along quite nicely all thanks to the team work and collaboration of the handy men and handy women of ELP2!




Oliver the brick layer! imageimage

Mr. Raymond cut us some new wooden bricks for our construction work. This morning we learned through a little trial and error exactly what it takes to make our bricks stick! image