Today we read a book called “Willow Finds a Way”.  Willow’s classmate is having a birthday party and keeps threatening to cross others names off her birthday party list.  This classmate punishes people who don’t do what she wants.  Willow takes charge and crosses her own name off the list for the party.  Her classmate sees the error of her ways and learns to treat people with kindness.

We had a discussion about the word “boss” and “bossy”.  When I asked why Willow crossed her name off the birthday party list, Nico said, “We are the boss of ourselves.”  That is exactly right.  We can’t control what other people do, only what we do.  We are the boss of ourselves.

When other people are unkind it is our choice how to act. It was decided it was a good idea to spread kindness.  Everyone was coming up with nice things to say to others, or they could smile.  Nobody wanted to be the bossy friend in the book.

We talked about writing kindness messages.  It started with Emma writing a note to Ms. Todd because she helped us get some staples.

Other friends made “Pass a card.”  They had a nice message and you got to pass it on to another person.

We have a “poster” we are making for the school.  Stay tuned for acts of kindness.

New discoveries

At one table today, students were discovering words by painting.  How did that work?  To help us learn some sight words, I wrote them in white crayon and some students started finding these mystery words.

For some students I wrote their name to discover.  Jaxon was so excited to know his mystery word.  (Sorry the picture is blurry, I was almost as excited as he was!)

Students then started writing their own messages. Many of these messages were so secret we had to whisper them.  Evan is using the word wall to help him with his message. Brave June is back after her injury and thinking up mystery words.  Hannah tried doing pictures and words too.

Then we had two groups who did a scavenger hunt for sight words.  They had to look around the room and find the match.  Thomas found “go”.  One group is sorting their matches at the light table.

When that game was done, Chase and Evan played  “Go Fish” with the cards.  Some others played the “memory game”.

All and all it was an engaging way to look at sight words.  Although sight or popcorn words do require some  memorization, it helps to develop fluency and automaticity in reading.  Some sight words can be sounded out, but with others it is harder.  Sight word activities are connecting simple words (oral language students are familiar with) such as like, what, there, here, etc. to print.

Continue to use “big words” in oral conversations with your child, as oral language is the building block for literacy.  A typical six year old can learn 10 words a week, so having rich conversations and reading with your child helps him/her develop vocabulary.

Roots of Empathy Baby Kinsley visit #8

We had another beautiful visit with Baby Kinsley.  Kinsley seems to know what to expect at these baby visits now.  During our welcome song, she gave the students smiles and stared closely at faces.  Ace said, “When I smile, she smiles back” and Avery thinks that when Kinsley is “staring” it is because she is “interested”.  She certainly seems interested in the kids and watches us closely when we sing, clap, and wave to her.  Clara suggested we sing “Happy Birthday” to Kinsley in honour of her birthday last week.  Kinsley sat quietly, watched, and listened as we sang to her.  You can tell Kinsley enjoys the visits but occasionally looks to her Mom for reassurance.  Chase noticed the attachment between parent and child and said it best…” she loves her Mom”.

Kinsley showed off her new milestone….crawling…Kinsley style.  She moved quickly across the green blanket with determination.  The students noticed she was using her strong arms and legs to push herself forward.  It is very effective.  She was able to get to the toy very quickly.  Evan noticed she was using the “pincer grasp” to remove the rings and Jack commented on how “she used to have to shake the rings off”.  Amazing memory and observations!

Kinsley came in with a few of her favourite treats (cheerios, arrowroot, grapes) and strawberries.  The strawberry was a new snack so we watched closely to her “first reaction” to this new food.  There was a lot of excitement when we realized Kinsley liked the strawberries.  How do you know if a baby likes the food? Katie said, “the baby keeps on eating it”.  How do you know if a baby doesn’t like the food?  Ambrose said, “they throw it on the floor”.  That has been my experience, too!

Independence can be messy.  Kinsley did a great job feeding herself and we are amazed at how much she has grown. The students were asked to reflect on their own growing independence.  Emma Y and Ace told Kristen they were able to do the monkey bars now.  Jaxon shared he could play soccer because his Dad helped him learn to play.  Jack said that he can climb higher in the tree.  Everyone is reaching new milestones!

Measuring Feet (literally)

We have been doing a bit of measuring and during outside time I challenged some to find a stick the size of their foot.  Chase, Jack and Evan took on the challenge.  Chase and Jack finding and checking for sticks to see if they are the right size.

Evan then compared the stick he found with Chases’s stick to see which was longer.

Then the boys checked again by measuring their feet against each other to see if the measurement was correct.  Jack measured too.

We have talked about non-standard measurements in class and this a great example.  The boys lead the thought process of “checking their work”.  This checking to see if you are “right” is one of the skills needed for success in academic and real life.  Way to “stick” with it!

Week Ahead May 21-25

Monday, May 25  – NO SCHOOL (Victoria Day)

Tuesday, May 22 (day 1)

  • gym
  • Roots of Empathy with Baby Kinsley

Wednesday, May 23 (day 2)

  • popcorn $2
  • music – SK
  • Telling Tales PJ Storytime with author Andrew Larsen – 6:30 – 8 pm in the school library  **FREE event/All Welcome

Thursday, May 24 (day 3)

  • pizza
  • Freezies – $1.oo to support Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • gym

Friday, May 25 (day 4)

  • music – JK
  • library – SK
  • Wear a purple shirt to support Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Awards Assembly at 2:40 pm.



The date for our year-end trip has been set for Wed, June 27th, rain or shine, and we will need lots of volunteers in order for this trip to happen.  We will be celebrating at LaSalle Park in Burlington!  We have arranged to have the splash pad to ourselves for an hour followed by playing, picnicking, and strolling along the trails.  We need to ensure lots of parents come with us if we are to enjoy the wading pool and splash pad.   Trip forms will be going home closer to the date.  We hope that you will be able to join us for this special event!


Rousseau’s fun fair is happening on Friday, June 1 from 4 – 8 pm.  It is a fun day for the community and families to come together and have some fun.  The committee is looking for volunteers to help with set-up, monitoring activities, face painting, and tear down and clean up.  The volunteers are essential to the success of this event.  It’s run completely by volunteers!  If you are interested in volunteering for an hour or two, you can fill out the volunteer form sent home earlier this week or email the committee at