Week Ahead: Sept. 26-Sept 30

Home Reading: We started sending Home Reading Books last week, and are grateful to our volunteers each morning who are overseeing that for us.  There is no expectation that you exchange a book daily, and in fact it makes sense to revisit books to build your child’s confidence with them.  When a book comes back, we will send another.  You are not required to fill in the log sheet but we do look at it and can adjust book levels based on your feedback etc.

From time to time a book may go missing.  This happens because students sometimes carry their important bags upside down, or somehow books escape, or get lost in transition.  No need to worry.  Since we don’t send a book unless we see one in the bag, if you know you sent one back and yet another one did not come home, just jot a note and we shall see to it!

Please bring in a family photo to share with your classmates!

Last call for Student Verification Forms; please complete and return asap.

Awards Assembly: During the last week of each month, an Awards Assembly takes place at 2:40 p.m.  Teachers have an opportunity to acknowledge a few students each month who have demonstrated consistent gains in a particular area, (academic, learning skills), shown exemplary achievement, or overcome challenges etc.  A student who is to receive this award is sent to Mr. Gris for a “Good News Call” from the office.  At that time you would be notified of your child’s accomplishment and also specifically invited to the assembly.  All are welcome at the assembly, and while the main order of business is the presentation of Good News Awards, there are sometimes musical presentations (by our choirs, or sometimes by classes), usually a slide show of photos taken throughout the month, and occasionally other items to do with sports teams etc.

Mon. Sept. 26: Day 4

  • Volunteer: Jen and Gracie:)
  • gym

Tue. Sept. 27: Day 5

  • Volunteer: Amy
  • music
  • Terry Fox Run (School runs 2:00 – 3:00.  ELP will run/walk on our own, earlier in the day)
  • Bring a Toonie for Terry!

Wed. Sept. 28: Day 1

  • Volunteer: Karen
  • gym
  • popcorn $2
  • Awards Assembly @ 2:40

Thur. Sept. 29: Day 2

  • Volunteer: Carolyn
  • music

Fri. Sept. 30: Day 3

  • Volunteer: Maeve
  • gym
  • Library

Student Perspective

As I was heading out to lunch today, Graham, Jack, and Finn were in between activities.  I suggested perhaps they could create something in my absence and use my iPad to capture their creations.  Later that night I discovered these photographs that I had not taken.  It looks to me like the boys were purposeful in their constructions, as well as their communication of their creations. I see pattern, balance, spatial awareness, and symmetry that reveals their play was intentional and varied.  I saw only these 5 photos on the iPad, revealing that their decision making and communication was also strategic and precise.  I love how the FDK program provides a rich lens through which to view student learning…. in these photos so much is evident.


Nature Play

aec3741941506101bd47032e9d2f4f10We expanded our boundaries just a bit more today as we headed out to the Fallen Tree for the second time.  The children loved exploring the little web of trails that past students have woven through the brush, feeling adventurous and daring as they ducked under leafy branches, wound through brambles, and balanced on logs and stumps.  They got dusty and sweaty, collected burrs in their hair and some pokes and pricks on their legs but it did not dampen their spirit and they played on!  We are raising the generation that will save the planet, because they LOVE their earth!

img_4580 img_4581 imageimage image image


Our two resident artists, Raglan and Claire, worked cooperatively and creatively to create this transient art piece for Meet the Teacher Night.  We’ve taken a picture so we can keep it, since this art will evolve as other little hands get in there.


Choice in the Gym

Students worked in 4 groups in the gym today, rotating through 4 stations:

  1. hoola hoops: roll it, hoola it, jump in it
  2. balls: throw and catch
  3. cups & strings: walking on the cups
  4. bean bags and bouncers: bean bag toss

They did great!  Lots of choice within the structure, and imagination in how to engage with materials.  They worked together, tried different approaches, helped one another and had fun!  Then… they were awesome cleaner uppers!!  Super job ELP2!

Check out these action shots!

image image image image

Trying the Trikes!


While I had the JK’s outside today I brought out the tricycles… Just 3 of them, and we learned how to take turns and share the trikes.

1) We line up along the shed

2) You drive your trike outside the blue lines, and you get to do 2 loops then share

3) You share with the next person in the line

4) If you want to have another turn you join the line at the end and wait for your turn to come up again

There is a LOT of self regulation required of a child participating in this activity.  Patience, turn taking, time limits, sharing  etc. as well as lots of good physical gross motor opportunities.


Cut and Paste

There seemed to be a lot of little cut up pieces of paper lying around our classroom floor at the end of the day.  There was so much work just being tossed out.  It got me thinking…..maybe if we brought it to the art table it could be turned into art work.  The students took a look at a few pieces of art work by Henry Matisse, an artists who cut up pieces of paper to make colourful art.  Many students tried this technique and made their own masterpieces.




There was lots of bridge building this morning, with ongoing discussion and collaboration about what to try next and how to improve designs.  There were no shortage of ‘bridge crossers’ willing to try out the various plans, and lots of adjustments made along the way.  Ultimately, the final design had “edges” for safety, so those crossing would not slip off the edge:)


Emma had an idea to lean a few planks up against the tree, and told me she was building a house.  She became quite industrious, back and forth across the playground to gather materials for the plan she had in mind.  She was very patient when a large family moved in prior to project completion, and worked around them to add in the walls!  The new family loved their custom home:)