Week Ahead: Oct. 23 – 27

VIP Sharing:   VIP’s have been assigned a letter of the alphabet and are invited to bring in a page that shows the lower and uppercase letter as well as simple words or pictures of items beginning with that letter.  Keep your child’s submission to an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper so we can fit it into our photo album; it will be our ELP2 Alphabet Book!  

Lunch Lady: Order by Thursday for delivery of a hot lunch to your child on the following Monday!


Please note: last week’s Bus Safety Presentation was postponed to November

Focus on letter sounds: r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z

Mon. Oct. 23, Day 3

  • return Important Bags today
  • gym w/ Mr. O’Brien
  • VIP’s Jaxon (r) and Jack (s)

Tues. Oct. 24,  Day 4

  • Music w/ Mrs. Crocker
  • VIP’s Ambrose (t) and Sam (u)

Wed. Oct. 25, Day 5

  • Library w/ Mrs. Stinson
  • This is ECE Appreciation Day! We are so blessed to have Mrs. Carte Combs with us… if your child would like to draw her a picture or write her a short note I know it would make her day:)
  • Popcorn $2 (labelled with child’s name please)
  • VIP’s Luka (v) and Parker (w)

Thurs. Oct. 26, Day 1

  • Pizza
  • gym w/ Mr. O’Brien
  • VIP’s Livia (x, feel free to include words that end with ‘x’ like fox, box etc.) and Hannah (y, stick with initial consonant sound… we will save ‘sometimes y as a vowel’ for another day)

Fri. Oct. 27, Day 2

  • Awards Assembly 2:40
  • VIP’s Katie (z) and Avery… Avery, how would you like to share a family photo on this day, so we can add you to our album!  We’re so glad you’re back!

Upcoming Halloween Celebrations

Please stay tuned for the specifics around Halloween.  As in previous years we will plan on ‘healthier’ snacks, in case any of you are planning ahead and would like to send in something to share.  More details will be sent out this week once we finalize the plan.

Upcoming PA Day

Nov. 3 is a PA day allocated for interviews.  You will receive your child’s Initial Report on Oct. 30.  If you would like to meet in person to discuss your child’s progress, you may do so after school on Nov. 2 or on the morning of Nov. 3.  You can either book a time slot now, or wait until you see the report.  Others of you may be satisfied with the incidental communication that takes place as needed day in and day out and may forego the interview.  Email us if you would like to book a 15 minute interview for Nov. 2 or 3, and please specify if a particular time is needed.

Upcoming VIP’s

Our next cycle of VIP sharing will start on Monday.  Students will be assigned a Word Family and asked to share it with the class.  We will use this class focus to bring attention to onset and rhyme; isolating beginning sounds and looking for repeating sound ‘chunks’.  Rhyme, and recognizing patterns, is an important skill as we work towards reading; hearing and providing rhymes orally first and then, for SK’s, using those predictable sound patterns in their decoding and writing.

VIP Cycle #3 Oct. 30 – Nov. 15


 Exposing children to word families, teaching the use of these language patterns, and reinforcing the knowledge with rhyming games and activities helps children learn to read.

SK’s should work on printing these word families on their VIP page. Provide some lines so they can write the repeating sound chunk several times and leave a space to change the beginning sound. You can use an alphabet to go systematically through all the sounds to see which ones make words. Your SK may be able to say the word and then determine “that’s a word, or that’s not a proper word”. For JK’s our interest is in orally being able to identify rhyme. Some will be able to print the words, or perhaps you can print the rhyme and they just print the initial sound. As always, we defer to parents to make decisions about how to make this activity meaningful and accessible to their children. Feel free to include pictures that will cue your child’s recall of the words on their VIP day. Lists do not need to be exhaustive; we will make it a classroom extension activity to add to the word families.

Oct. 30- Gracie (at) and Katie (ack)

Oct. 31- Halloween, No VIP sharing today

Nov. 1- Clara (ap) and Avery (all)

Nov. 2- Paige (et) and Ryan (est)

Nov. 3- P.A Day


Nov. 4- Ace (it) and Chase (ick)

Nov. 5- Meena (in) and Evan (ill)

Nov. 6- Emma G. (ip) and Emma Y. (ing)

Nov. 7- Joey (ot) and June (op)

Nov. 8- Gemma (ock) and Nico (oke)


Nov. 11- Emma N. (ake )and Thomas (ame)

Nov. 12- Jaxon (an) and Jack (ank)

Nov. 13- Ambrose (ad) and Sam (ade)

Nov. 14- Luka (ug) and Parker (ump)

Nov. 15- Livia (un) and Hannah (unk)


Is There a Doctor in the House?

Our students were wonderful for my dad today!  I’m pretty sure he was impressed with what we already knew, and he was certainly able to answer all the questions we still had.

He named the parts for us: we learned words like ‘ventricle’, ‘aorta’, ‘atrium’ and ‘pulmonary’.

He explained that all the little tubes we see branching off the heart are responsible for carrying our blood out to all parts of the body.

He told us that the bigger you are, the bigger your heart is.  Ours is about the size of our fist, and as our body grows bigger so does our heart.  He told us a whale’s heart is about the size of a CAR!!  And it only has to pump about 30 times a minute because it pumps so much with each beat.  A hummingbird has a teeny tiny heart that beats about 1000 times a minute!!  We know our heart beats around 80 times per minute… faster when we exercise, and slower when we rest.

We practiced finding our pulse in our wrists and our necks… hard to do.  We learned that our ‘pulse’ is the movement of our blood through our veins and arteries.  We then listened to our hearts using a stethoscope.  We heard our hearts go ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump and not just bump, bump, bump.  Those two sounds are coming from valves in our heart opening and closing as blood flows from one side to the other side.

We talked about some healthy habits that keep our heart strong.  Dr. Holder said number 1 healthy habit for the heart is EXERCISE!  We felt good because we play hard outside every day and get lots of good exercise!  Other students suggested healthy habits such as fruits and veggies and he agreed that healthy foods help keep a heart healthy.  He did warn us about cigarettes, and we know they are not anything we should every try.  Smoking hurts a heart.

Students were great listeners and thinkers.  They raised their hands to ask and answer questions, and looked at our chart to remember what we wanted to know.  They took turns looking at the heart model that Dr. Holder left behind for us to explore, and trying out the stethoscopes.

When my dad left, lots of students ran over for a hug:)