The students have been showing an interest in spiders during exploration in the outdoor classroom. We wanted to continue that work inside and made it a focus at our story time.  Chase recognized the book as “nonfiction”.  The students then used drawings, writing, and open ended art materials to share their understanding of spiders.

Chase and Emma G drew Black Widow spiders.  Chase’s spider has caught a fly in its web.


Gemma used clay to form a spider’s body making sure to add eight eyes and two body sections.  “This one is the tummy (abdomen).”

Sam built a web with popsicle sticks, tape, and pipe cleaners.  He drew a picture around the web.  He explained that the spider’s web was formed between two trees to catch the insects flying towards the sticky web.

Emma Y. wrote “Baby spiders are called spiderlings.”

Ryan put 4 qtips on each side of his spider for a total of 8 legs.  He created a web starting with a triangle and then added “circles getting bigger and bigger.”

Parker build a spider with “two fangs for the venom”.

Katie used a variety of material to make a spider.  She had to do some quick math when she only counted 6 legs.  “I need two more”.

Even though we know a lot about spiders we are still questioning and want to know more!

Sharks in ELP2

Our class certainly loves sharks.  Parker G. wears his shark hat everyday.   Luka can tell us tons of facts about sharks!  Chase and Emma Y. had sharks on their shirts today!

We read Shark in the Park today which has some sight words and word families which we explored.  We found the “ark” family  (such as park, bark, mark) and the “ake” family (such as snake, lake, take).  In the water bin we had some of our favourite friends, the sharks.  We also had fins and teeth to help them match up some words.  Some friends even made their own words out of the teeth they found.  They are really biting into this activity.

Week Ahead June 18 – 22

**La Salle Trip forms are due this week. **

Monday, June 18 (day 4)

  • Music JK
  • Library SK

Tuesday, June 19 (day 5)

  • Library JK
  • a play at the neighbouring park

Wednesday, June 20 (day 1)

  • Gym

Thursday, June 21 (day 2)

  • Music SK

Friday, June 22 (day 3)

  • Gym


June 25: Report cards sent home

June 27: Kindergarten Trip to LaSalle Park

June 28: Last Day of School

June 29: PA Day



Outdoor Teamwork

Meena, Joey, Gracie, and Emma G were building a castle together.  They were digging, raking, scooping, and making paths in the sand.  They were respectfully listening to each other’s ideas and picking jobs to help the team create a “bug pool party”.

This team was working well together but were willing to let others join in.  Katie came over and asked, “Can I join your team?”  Meena and Emma bumped over and made space for another team player.  Gracie was pleased to have some more help, “Our team is getting bigger and bigger.”  More friends joined and continued the work.



How to make a Campfire

A group of students worked together to make a campfire.  Parker was reflecting on his past experiences with campfires and shared his ideas with the group.

Parker described the process of rubbing 2 sticks together to create a spark. “It gets hotter and hotter as you rub it.  The temperature rises as you rub and it gets hotter”.   His classmates tried this process unsuccessfully.  He came to the conclusion that a match would be easier.  But Parker was also considering safety.  He knew that matches were not a job for kids but rather just for adults.  He continued to think about safety and said,  “You put rocks around the fire so it doesn’t spread.”


Planting Tomatoes

I had some more help planting in our school garden.  We started with a lot of weeding!  Avery was making sure to pull out the weeds by the roots.  Nico boasted he pulled out the largest weed and Ryan was brave enough to pull out the spikiest.

Sam found some creepy crawlers and Ace looked like he was at “peace” digging in the soil (A word we heard in a book today and students defined it as “happy”, “calm”, and “no fighting”).

We dug some holes and watered our tomato plants.  I reminded the kids to come back in the summer and pick a tomato or two.

Roots of Empathy Baby Kinsley Visit #9

Today was our final visit with Baby Kinsley.  Oh my, she has grown.  The first year of life is so amazing with so much growth and development and reaching lots of new milestones!  We have been so lucky to have Kristen and Kinsley join us every month so we can watch her grow.

Before Kinsley arrived, Payton pulled out our classroom Roots of Empathy book and knew exactly where to find Kinsley’s growth chart.  3 times during the program we measure Kinsley and record her growth.  In Nov she was 9 blocks tall and in March she was 10 blocks tall.  Katie predicted she would be 11 blocks tall at today’s visit.  She was right!  Measuring Kinsley is no easy task now.  She has a high activity level and doesn’t lay still now that she is on the move.

The students reflected on her growth and listed all the things she wasn’t able to do at the beginning of Roots and is able to do now.  They listed milestones such as roll over, grab toys, sit up, stand up, crawl, clap, talk (we heard her say Dadda).  She continued to WOW us today and demonstrated her new crawl and talking steps when holding her Mom’s hands.  We cheered her on once again.

We sent her off with a slideshow of photos (while we munched and crunched on her favourite snacks of arrowroots and strawberries), a photo album of her visits,  good wishes on a “wishing tree”, and a book of nursery rhymes.  The students said it was a good gift because it will help her learn new words, how to sing, how to talk and to grow a strong brain.

Kinsley lives in our community and we are pleased to know we may bump into her and her family at the park, market, and at school.  She definitely has a lot of fans!

Lost and Found

Sam wrote a note to Mrs. White that he kicked his shoe off and it landed on the roof.  Mrs White found Sam’s shoe on Thursday.  Thanks Mrs. White.

We found our notes were effective, so when we needed a mop, Avery wrote a note to Mrs. White.  It worked like a charm!  She was there to help us after she got the note.  Thanks again, Mrs. White.