Week Ahead: Jan. 22 – 26

A note about phys. ed:  Our 2 gym periods are end of day on days 1 and 3.  The time it takes for us to get our outdoor gear on cuts into this gym period significantly, and so in the winter months we are much more likely to be getting our gross motor expression via outdoor play instead.  Of course we also have ample daily physical activity during our morning outdoor activity time.


– return important bags if they went home on Friday

– Lunch Lady

– 6:30 School Council mtg.



– Music



– Popcorn $2



– Pizza

– Music



**Friday, Jan 26th is a PA Day**


Upcoming: As we approach the 100th day of school later in February we will be exploring ‘100’ and building our concept of quantity.  We will investigate different ways to divide 100 into groups, understanding the idea of division through our existing understanding of ‘sharing’.  In preparation for this, help your child consider what “Collection of 100” they may wish to bring into class on their assigned VIP day.  It really can be ANYTHING, from paper clips to straws, from dinky cars to pennies.  In addition, we would ask all VIP’s to consider how they may wish to organize their group of 100; into groups of 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 etc.  For those looking for a challenge feel free to allow students to explore what might happen if they try to make equal groups of something that doesn’t divide evenly into 100, and how many items are ‘left over’ in that case.  You can draw circles on a paper to help ‘group’ items, or a grid with rows or columns to help organize etc.  What we would like is for each VIP to show us what 100 looks like for their particular item, and to provide a paper or mat that we can use to explore division during our play time.  We’re not worried about repeating ideas since the changing items will keep it fresh and revisiting the concepts will help consolidate learning.  We will keep all collections of 100 for ongoing exploration… let us know if yours is a collection you need back!


Katie and Emma Y. wanted to work with me on a picture and Katie suggested we draw me!  They worked together, noting my rosy cheeks, and the way my hair curls at the ends.  My husband knew right away who it was when I showed him;)  They then went on to each draw a portrait of themselves.

Big Buddies

We love Buddy Time and our buddies love it too!  Today we all started out sharing a book before moving on to other interests.  SK’s were in Mrs. Bennett’s room with their buddies while JK’s stayed here in our room.  Here’s a few pics of JK’s buddies.

“A Machine does the Work for You”

As some children whiled away their morning outside, it was interesting to see the kinds of projects they took on.  As I checked back in with Jack and Evan several times, I could see the evolution of some great problem solving and collaboration skills.

Here, the boys are creating a machine that “crushes snow”.

They showed me where they nestle the snow clump, and how they frame it in, laying the blocks over top.

After the 3 blocks are placed on top…

They pull out the supporting beams, allowing the blocks to land on the snow ball…

and voila! Crushed snow:)

I wondered if they could crush ice and they said this machine would not do that, but they thought they could build one that did.

Jack named it the “Momo Crusher” and they let me watch their attempts.

As they worked away designing and then testing each subsequent machine, they shared ideas, offered explanations when it didn’t work, and never got frustrated or abandoned their objective. I said they were like engineers and they both agreed that engineers have to keep trying.

They said “if this one doesn’t work, the next one will.”

As they realized they needed something heavier, they had to get creative about how to lower this stump onto the ice rock, because it was too heavy for them to lift.

At one point Jack showed Evan how he could just slam the ice with a block to smash it up and Evan said “yes, but that’s not a machine.” Evan explained that a “Machine does the work for you”.

As the project unfolded over the course of the morning these 2 stayed calm, reflective and creative.  They listened to each other, tried out several ideas and never gave up.  They could visualize what they needed in order to solve the problem and were resourceful as they made use of the various materials available to them.  I have asked them to share their challenge and their learning with the class on Monday:)


We Weather the Weather Whatever the Weather


Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We’ll weather the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!

Author: Kara Dodson Fowler

We really do try to find enjoyment in the outdoors regardless of the weather, as we know the health benefits of being active in nature!  The frightfully cold temperatures can sometimes interfere, but today was more temperate and many friends opted to stay out longer.

These little forest animals were decorating their tree! Reminds me of a great story I have somewhere;)

These friends built a speed boat! It’s ‘faster than a race car!’

These were two slower boats; they needed oars to paddle them.

It is hard for Parker to row his boat with Luka just sitting on top of him;)

Emma built a little oasis to escape and have some alone time.

Ace created a teeter totter and Emma G. did not pass up a chance to check it out.

Katie and Avery, along with Morgan and Maeve from ELP3, spotted a birds nest!

The girls took turns getting up higher to see if they could see inside the nest!

There was much discussion about whether there may be eggs in the nest. Some thought possibly, others thought they would have hatched and there would just be pieces.

The friends talked about how winter would not be the right time for eggs because they know eggs must be kept warm in order to hatch.



Self Induced Snow in the Face!

Even and Jack asked me if I wanted them to put snow in their faces and I said that by no means did I need them to do that!  They did it anyway and asked me to take a picture.  Evan was quite interested to see the progression of the snow melting so quickly on his warm skin.  Jack then wanted to check too but his had already melted!

Making Words

I saw Thomas perusing some literacy materials during play and asked if I could play a word game with him.  He was excited to do that, and Katie and Avery quickly joined in!  We talked a little bit about vowels and how every word needs at least one.  We also talked about how some combinations of letters can be sounded out even though they don’t spell a real word.  We called those ‘nonsense’ words.  Lots of talk about sounds and combinations in this little game we played!

I made the word “sat” and invited Avery to change one letter. She made “Cat”.

Thomas switched out the “t” and found a “b”… he sounded out “cab”

Avery changed the “c” to a “z” and read “zab”, said “but that’s not a word, and changed a few more letters. She sounded out “zip”

Katie wanted to try 4 letters, so I challenged her to spell “stop”. She made “sop” first and then realized what sound was missing and where it ought to go.

Katie chose 3 letters to make her own word and sounded out “sok”

Thomas tried to spell a word using an x at the beginning… we tried to sound it out and it was really tricky. He said, “well I do want to spell fox with my ‘x'” and went ahead and found what else he needed.

I asked Avery if she thought she could hear all the sounds in “grab”. She found all 4 sounds.