Reframing Falling

It started with Parker and Luka and caught on with others.  I don’t know if it was the small hill, the ice or the comfort of the padded snowsuits, but likely all 3; kids took turns “wiping out” and rolling down the hill.  The ground was cold and hard and bumpy, but they were not deterred.  They did it again and again!

I was reminded of an article I read about how rolling down hills stimulates our proprioceptive sense, contributing to overall health and wellbeing.

I don’t think this is the exact article but the gist is the same:

It’s a great reminder that our children are capable and competent and their chosen ‘work’ is important!  When was the last time you rolled down a hill? 🙂

“Cleanup in Zone 3, Cleanup in Zone 3!”

How could I say no?  As I was considering blowing the whistle to head inside, a small group of Nature Kids spotted some litter in the woods.  After gathering it up, they let me know that they felt a cleanup in zone 3 was needed.  I said it was close to whistle time and they calmly asserted that the cleanup would not take long and they thought it was important.  So off we went.  Zone 3 is the area of junior playground beyond the fallen tree, close to the rail trail.  We most often play in Zone 1 and 2, but when supervision allows, the kids enjoy the different landscape of Zone 3.

It is really wonderful to see our students embracing this care and compassion for the environment and initiating environmentally conscious practises all on their own!


Lots of great thinking as students say words slowly and write down the sounds they hear.  Everyone has different next steps; for some it’s practice forming letters, for others it’s remembering spaces between words, for some it’s simply hearing and identifying the important sounds and others are considering punctuation.  When they write about what is of interest to them the motivation is there, and their next steps are easy to spot and respond to as we sit nearby and build on their strengths!  Such a great process to see unfolding.

Katie wrote: I went to a museum.  I saw a dinosaur.

Hannah wrote: Dear Daddy.  I love you.

Evan wrote: I went whale watching.  This is Hawaii.  This is me snorkelling.

Parker wrote: Under sea creatures.

Sam wrote: March 20, 2018.  My tank transforms into a speedboat.


Borrowing Inspiration

Thomas spotted a drawing he wanted to attempt in a book we have that gives instructions on how to draw various items.  He checked out the steps, was systematic in his approach, and calmly shared some of the challenges he encountered along the way as he drew his castle.  He borrowed the idea, but added his own touches too, and added on more paper when he needed more space for his vision.  His artwork is hanging in a place of distinction in the classroom, though I’m sure there’s a space eagerly awaiting its arrival at home;)

Mirror Image

Today, we invited students to paint on mirrors!  A different sensory experience… and they loved washing off their mirror as much as they loved painting it!  They recorded their work using SeeSaw if they wished, and then washed off the mirror for the next painter.

March Break Tales

Sooo much excitement as your children returned to school with stories of their experiences over the break.  We’ve invited sharing throughout the week, are happy to share any photos you may wish to send, and are encouraging students to write something about their break prior to presenting.  Yesterday, Evan, Sam and Chase kicked things off with tales of their adventures.

Evan wrote about his visit to Hawaii, whale watching and seeing Pearl Harbor.  Sam wrote about his “electricity” that he made using wires, a battery, a switch and some wood.  And Chase wrote about his visit to the zoo and his favourite animal there.

We had more sharing today, with Emma Y. sharing her visit to a castle and the butterfly conservatory, and Thomas and Katie recalling the museum, the maple syrup farm and much more!  We haven’t captured everyone here, but will continue to hear from our students throughout the week.  Your children are excited and happy with the experiences you’ve provided for them:)  It’s lovely to hear about!

Week Ahead: March 19 – 23

We hope you’ve had a wonderful break with your children.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, and happy to hear about any adventures that have been had!  Feel free to forward a photo or 2 if your child wants to share about an experience.

Monday, March 19 (day 3)

  • Gym
  • Lunch Lady
  • Please return Important Bags

Tuesday, March 20 (day 4)

  • First Day of Spring!  Let’s keep our eyes open for signs of Spring in the coming weeks.
  • Music (JK group)
  • Library (SK group)

Wednesday, March 21 (day 5)

  • Popcorn
  • Library (JK group)
  • School Council/Home and School Mtg. 6:30, all welcome

Thursday, March 22 (day 1)

  • Pizza Day
  • Gym

Friday, March 23 (day 2)

  • Music (SK group)
  • Lockdown Drill
  • We will have a visit from a  GOLD MEDAL PARA-OLYMPIAN!! Emma N.’s Great Aunt Hilda!!



  • next Friday is Good Friday and a holiday, as is the Monday following
  • We are collecting assorted round lids that you might otherwise dispose of, for a project.  Before you toss your lids, consider whether you might instead send them in to us with your child… we will also ask our students to keep lids that come off their lunch items instead of throwing them out.  We will use a range of sizes, everything from a bottle cap to margarine tubs.  Thank you!

Roots of Empathy visit #5 with Baby Kinsley

Hello Baby Kinsley!

It’s amazing how much Kinsley has grown since our first visit.  In November she was 9 blocks tall and now she is 10 blocks tall.  Jack predicts that in June she will be 12 or 13 blocks tall.

Kristen asked if we wanted to see Kinsley move around.  Everyone said yes!  Kristen placed 2 toys far away from Kinsley and then explained that Kinsley is not yet able to crawl or walk.  We wondered how she was going to reach the toys.  “It looks like she is swimming.”, said Emma Y.  Kinsley was using her arms and legs to move forward.  Thomas noticed she was also rolling to get where she wanted to go.  She isn’t able to walk yet but she managed to find a different way to move and get what she wanted.

She did it!  Parker said it feels good to do something that is hard and to stick with it until you are done.  I wondered how Kinsley was feeling about getting the toys.  We all agreed it made her happy!

She ended up in a position with lots to look at.  She smiled and reached for the students’ faces.  Elp2 noticed that when you smile at Kinsley she smiles back.  We are communicating to her that we are happy to have her in our class.

Kinsley was about to try something for the first time.  It reminded me of the advice Emma Y had given earlier during play time, “When you try something new it is hard and you need to practice, practice, practice.  Your hands will get tired…and so will your brain.”  Kinsley was building a strong brain by trying something new.  Her brain was being wired right in front of us!

During our goodbye song, Chase looked at me with a big smile and said one word…”contagious”!  He had a big smile on his face and baby Kinsley had a smile on her face.  Smiles are contagious!